X-Caliber has built an award-winning culture based on a strategic mission and key core values that make the company and its affiliates a great place to work.

The X-Caliber environment in highly entrepreneurial, where everyone’s voice is welcome and heard, and where transparency is embraced and encouraged. The company not only enjoys low turnover, but it focuses on positioning its team members for growth and success.

As a culture that puts employees first, X-Caliber continues to develop and create an atmosphere that allows its team to have a positive work-life balance while feeling they belong to something special – a company that is positioned for success through its business model while truly valuing their most important assets – their team.

Employee Testimonial

“It’s amazing to work for a company that not only encourages learning and growth, but truly cares about its employees and their goals.”

Lawrence Zucker

“I enjoy working with my colleagues to be able to make an impact on our environment through our lending platforms. Through our C-PACE financing platform, we’re able to support energy efficiency; through USDA lending, we can promote investment in rural businesses, and as a HUD lender, we can help support affordable, market rate and seniors housing and healthcare. It is great to be part of an expert and growing team that is making a difference every day.”

Scott Crimmins

“At X-Caliber, I am learning from great leaders and the culture they have created is what sets it apart from the rest. I am proud to be part of a team that strives to reach their best potential.”

“X-Caliber is the only lender that offers Bridge, HUD, USDA, and C-PACE financing under one roof, and the team has some top experts in the country. The company’s expansive platform allows me to deliver optimal solutions across the capital stack for our borrowers. I am surrounded by a cohesive, collaborative environment, and I am proud to e part of a company with such strong integrity and core values.”


“X-Caliber has strong industry experience and supports a culture of learning. As a younger member of the organization, I value knowing I will have an immediate opportunity to perform well and the benefit of working side by side with veterans who will mentor me along the way.”

Rip Judge

“X-Caliber is a company with demonstrated growth that values its employees with a culture that promotes a healthy work and life balance. A fast-growing company brings an energy that makes for an exciting place to work. This preserves a healthy and positive atmosphere where every member of the team can excel.”

Kelley Martin

Our Mission

Our mission is clear and focused. We strive to deliver to our clients, and to the communities in which we lend, the best financing solutions available to support their business goals, while focusing on some of the nation’s greatest challenges – affordable housing, the environment, care for our seniors, and rural businesses. By leveraging the most effective private and government programs in the country, we can harness the power of our expertise and practice the values for which we stand, so we can make the world a better place for all.

Our 12 Core Values

Our twelve core values describe the heart and soul of what we strive to deliver every day. These values are the core of our foundation as a business and are the hallmark of X-Caliber. Whether we are working with a client or collaborating with a colleague, we are committed to being our best selves every day.


We believe in All for One and One for All!


We go with the flow and share what we know


We live by our words, honestly and truthfully


We hold everyone in the highest of regard – they deserve it


We think out of the box - no problem is too challenging

Making a Difference

We are all about positive change and creating an impact


We are open and honest – everyone has a seat at the table


We believe humble success is the best success


For our clients and communities, we love to help where we can


We pride ourselves in our strength of character


We welcome differences of all kinds – that makes us a stronger team


We like other’s company and value a positive atmosphere

Doing Good – The X-Caliber Charity Crusaders


Every day, the X-Caliber team works hard to exhibit our values. Each of our values is important to our business, but Service of particular importance. As we strive to help others through charity and giving back, the company supports more than a dozen charities annually throughout the nation.

Whether it is through a virtual race, a food drive, or an office-based cook-off between the company and a vendor, X-Caliber engages with employees in a Fun-Spirited manner to help support a positive work culture while giving back to others. Many of those charities have developed from the personal experiences of our own employees who have lost a loved one through a disease or have been impacted in a way that inspired them to step forward and express their desire to the company to help tackle an area of national need. Giving back is important, and the X-Caliber Charity Crusaders are committed to making an impact in both lending and giving.

Now that’s a winning combination.

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