Leading the Way in Rural USA

One of the Top USDA Lenders in the Nation

X-Caliber Rural Capital (XRC) is a licensed United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) lender that offers unique programs with attractive financing terms designed to support a wide scope of assistance to rural businesses and communities.

XRC is dedicated to providing funding to support the health and development of rural areas. The USDA defines rural as any town, village, city, or other population center with a threshold of 50,000 or less and not contiguous with another populated area based on the most recent census.

The loans are guaranteed by the USDA and lenders must receive special licensing to provide the following programs through the USDA’s OneRd Guarantee Loan Initiative. Depending on the program, loan sizes range between $250,000 and $100MM and are available for new construction, acquisition, and refinance transactions.

Loans offered through USDA’s OneRD Guarantee Loan Initiative include::

  1. Business and Industry Guaranteed Loan Program (B&I)
  2. Rural Energy for America Guaranteed Loan Program (REAP)
  3. Community Facilities Guaranteed Loan Program (CF)
  4. Water and Waste Disposal Guaranteed Loan Program (WEP)

For more information on all of X-Caliber Rural Capital’s offerings, click here.

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