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X-Caliber Rural Capital (XRC) is one of the nation’s top USDA-licensed lenders and the largest non-bank USDA-licensed lender. The XRC team has some of the most experienced professionals in the industry who provide an array of financing products for rural businesses, community facilities, infrastructure improvements, and economic development projects under five USDA guaranteed loan programs.

USDA eligible rural areas are those with less than 50,000 in population and not contiguous with another populated area, based on the most recent census. Click here to see if your project is in an eligible area.

USDA loans have long terms, low interest rates, and are fully amortizing, with no balloon payments. Depending on the program, loan sizes will range between $250,000 and $100MM and will be available for new construction, acquisition, and refinance transactions.

Rural Business

Through X-Caliber Rural Capital and CastleGreen Finance, we can provide unique, full capital stack solutions that support eligible businesses across the country through the Business and Industry Guaranteed Loan Program (B&I). From providing capital for energy-efficient improvements and business conversion; to business repair and expansion; to building or buying a business to installing equipment; to debt financing that facilitates increased cashflow and creates jobs, there is a wide variety of funding assistance available.

Water Infrastructure

The safety and operational efficiency of our country’s water infrastructure is critical. If you operate a rural public utility, X-Caliber Rural Capital can provide funding for a variety of uses through the Water and Waste Disposal Guaranteed Loan Program. Eligible uses include water systems, sanitary sewage disposal, storm water drainage, capacity contracts, refinance, and more, serving homes and businesses.

Renewable Energy

Through CastleGreen’s Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) financing and through X-Caliber Rural Capital’s USDA loan program, X-Caliber can provide financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements for both mainstream and rural businesses and property owners. X-Caliber Rural Capital offers the USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). These loans have long terms, low interest rates, and are fully amortized, with no calls or balloons. CastleGreen Finance also offers several programs for energy-efficient building designs, construction, and renewable energy projects.

Food Supply Chain

Through the USDA’s newest program, X-Caliber Rural Capital offers affordable financing for food production and manufacturing that strengthen and expand the middle of the food supply chain through the USDA’s Food Supply Chain Guaranteed Loan Program.  The program is eligible in both urban and rural areas for a wide range of projects including, but not limited to, aggregating, processing, transporting, distribution and more.

To learn about all X-Caliber Rural Capital’s programs, click here to visit their website.

Community Facilities

Infrastructure is essential to the function and safety of rural communities across America. The USDA Community Facilities Program offers loan guarantees for the development or improvement of essential public services and facilities. A loan utilizing the Community Facilities Program preserves access to hospitals, emergency services, roadways, community buildings, and more. Eligible applicants include most state and local governmental entities, private non-profits, and federally-recognized tribes.

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