Mandy Brown

Assistant Vice President, Underwriting, LEAN, X-Caliber
Mandy Brown

Mandy Brown serves as the Assistant Vice President, HUD Underwriter. As a HUD Underwriter, she is responsible for managing, overseeing, preparing, and reviewing loan applications for loan committee and works closely with HUD throughout the closing process. The comprehensive process includes, but is not limited to, reviewing third-party reports, evaluating risk, analyzing financial statements, and completing lender narratives and HUD-specific forms.

Ms. Brown has extensive knowledge of HUD section 232 products, including 223(f), 223(a)(7), and loan modifications. Prior to joining X-Caliber, Ms. Brown worked at Capital Funding, LLC in various roles including HUD Underwriter, HUD Healthcare Credit Analyst, and HUD Asset Manager.

Ms. Brown completed the Mortgage Bankers Association FHA Multifamily Underwriter Training Program as. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising, Publics Relations, and Marketing from Towson University.

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