Marcia Ringo

Senior Advisor, Head of Strategic Planning, X-Caliber
Marcia Ringo
Irvington, NY

Marcia Ringo is the Senior Advisor and Head of Strategic Planning for X-Caliber and interacts with all facets of the loan process. Prior to joining X-Caliber, Ms. Ringo worked for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for nearly forty years and has extensive experience in various key roles in the single and multifamily industry.

While at HUD, Ms. Ringo held several positions, including Director of Multifamily Production for the Southeast Region. She was also the Director of Multifamily Operations for the Southeast Regional office and the Multifamily Production Branch Chief for the State of Georgia. During her tenure, she also served as a Single Family and Multifamily Appraiser and continues to hold a Certified General Appraisal license.

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